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Notes Regarding Copyrights & Site Links

DAIFUKU CO., LTD. reserves the right to change or discontinue any or all elements of the website including its structure, content and URL without prior notice.


DAIFUKU CO., LTD. (referred to below as "Daifuku") retains the copyright to the content (information, reference data, as well as visual, audio and other components) found on this website. Unauthorized reproduction, modification, or other use of the content in question, other than that permitted under Copyright Law, is prohibited. Daifuku shall assume no liability whatsoever regarding any damage or loss resulting from use of or inability to use the Daifuku website. Likewise, Daifuku shall be in no way held liable for errors that our website might inadvertently contain.


Links may be created to LOGISOL homepage and/or any pages under the site without prior permission subject to the conditions below.

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  2. When linking to our website, you must specify Daifuku as the owner of the linked page in the form "DAIFUKU CO., LTD." or "Daifuku Co., Ltd."

  3. 2.Linking with the DAIFUKU Logo
  4. When using the DAIFUKU logo for the link, Daifuku will provide the required logo.
    Please contact us新しいウィンドウを開きますand specify the required logo dimensions.
    Any changes or modifications to logos provided by Daifuku are prohibited.