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Advanced picking cart system "Jungle Cart"

Jungle Cart is a walk-through picking system that combined the benefits of Picking Cart System and Put-to-light System.

A cart consists of a mobile cart with 64 put-to-light indicators, detachable shelf, barcode scanner and operation terminal.

An operator walks along inventory shelves pushing a cart and picks items in accordance with instructions given by the operation terminal. The operator scan the barcode of a picked item using the barcode scanner equipped on the cart to confirm if he/she picked a correct item. Then, a put-to-light indicator on the cart lights up to show where to place the item. The operator place the picked item into the designated put-to window and push the completion.

Jungle Cart is perfect for intensive picking of HMLV (high-mix, low-volume) items.



  • Picking 64 orders simultaneously minimizes walking distance
  • 150% higher picking rate comparing to line picking. (Jungle Cart 450 items/mh, line picking 180 items/mh)
  • Aluminum frame and lithium-ion battery makes cart lightweight for easy handling.
  • Flexible

  • Easy to change layout or increase/rearrange SKUs as stock shelves do not require display unit.
  • Accurate

  • Barcode inspection after picking from shelves prevents picking errors
  • Put-to-light indicator on cart shows where picked items should be placed
  • Area sensors warn when an operator inserts hand into wrong put-to window
  • Easy combination with "eye-navi"

  • Jungle Cart helps to reduce operators in "eye-navi" lines
  • Put-to shelf is easily detachable, allowing for quick supply to "eye-navi" line side.
  • Mobile cart with 64 put-to-window
    Detach pick-to shelf from a cart and supply to eye-navi picking line side.

    Casos de éxito

    Miyagi Coop

    eye-navi, Jungle Cart and WMS together improved picking operation efficiency by 50% at BtoC distribution center.

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