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Daifuku’s solution design is as unique as your business.

Our holistic approach to product, layout, volumes and system integration ensures many of the world’s leading logistics carriers can deliver on the increasing demand and expectations of modern society.

Our sortation portfolio has the capability to manage a diverse range of both product characteristics and configuration, operating at high levels of accountability, efficiency, and performance.

Vehicle Systems

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Offering the flexible movement of materials without human intervention for a variety of industries and production phases. Learn more.

Smart Cart

Able to tow dollies like a train with connection able to be done automatically or manually according to operational needs. Learn more.

AGV at pharmaceutical plant


Case Sorter “Surfing Sorter”

A high speed sorter designed to accurately track and gently sort all size variances and configurations. Learn more.

case sorter

Case Studies

TNT Express

TNT Express

TNT open super hub facility installing major high speed sorting systems and 3D software suite, Sym3.


Toll install new Freight Handling System and specialised software within their 53,000 square meter Sydney site.

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