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High Throughput Buffer

Dual Crane AS/RS

Conventional method

Single-deep stacker crane x 2 aisles

High throughput operations require highly efficient, high-volume handling. A single stacker crane may not be sufficient to provide such high levels of throughput.

High throughput solution

Dual stacker crane AS/RS

Daifuku's dual stacker crane system has two stacker cranes operating simultaneously on the same rail, which provides 50% more throughput capacity than the single stacker crane system.

Another feature of the dual stacker crane system is its unique maintenance mode operation. If one of the stacker cranes has an issue or needs maintenance, the other stacker crane can continue operating.

Double load handling AS/RS

Conventional method

Single load handling stacker crane

Cranes with single load handling may not be adequate for very high throughput needs.

High throughput solution

Double load handling stacker crane

Daifuku's double load handling AS/RS can carry loads individually or two at a time, doubling potential throughput capacity. When handling loads individually, the stacker crane's roller conveyor adjusts the load position automatically to keep balance.

Double load handling stacker crane "SmartStocker QUATTRO"

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