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Clean room

From electronic parts factory to chemical plant to food production facility, cleanroom control is required in wide range of industries for quality and safety control purposes. Below are some of our solutions for clean class 1000~100,000. For clean class below 1000 environment, e.g. semiconductors, contact e-Factory Automation division.

1. Preventing dust entrance

Air shower / pass box

Remove dust in the air shower room prior to clean room entrance.

Air pressure

Uses positive pressure in the cleanroom to prevent external air from entering. Exhausted air is recirculated after cleaning by filter.


Equipment are shipped in the optimal mode by combining alcohol wiping, antistatic material packing, barrier packaging and crate packaging.

2. Preventing contaminant emissions

Stainless steel rack

Apply stainless steel material for rack arms, which repeatedly contact with load surface.

Stainless conveyor

Stainless steel conveyor with lube-free chain to minimize contaminant emission from its movement.

Covers around contact surfaces

Add covers around friction surfaces such as rail, trolley and guide rollers to avoid dust diffusion.

3. Preventing contaminant accumulation

Rail side cover

Add covers by rail side to eliminate L-shape angle and make cleaning easier.

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