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Electrode roll handling solution

electrode roll production steps

Production of electrode calender rolls for rechargeable battery goes through several processes starting from raw material mixing, coating, pressing, slitting to sheet cutting before they are used for assembly.

Daifuku offers intralogistic solution of calender roll supply to and collection from processing machines, as well as buffering in between, to overcome following challenges.

  • Establish accurate and flexible operation for multiproduct production
  • Ease a burden to handle large calender rolls
  • Improve productivity
  • Boost yeild
  • Provide thorough tracking of in-process

Roll handling AGV

The roll handling AGV supplies electrode rolls to coating machines, press machines, and slitters in a timely manner to maximize the utilization of each machine.

In addition to signal interlock, the image-recognition techniques and auto-positioning functions enable them to supply/collect rolls directly to/from processing machines with high accuracy, enabling 24-hour unmanned supply/collection.

Roll handling AS/RS

roll handling crane for electrode storage
  • The roll handling AS/RS uses a shaft to transport and store electrode rolls without touching the roll itself.
  • A variety of measures are taken to prevent contamination or damage to the electrode rolls during handling.
  • Specially designed WMS controls information of each roll for accurate quality control.

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