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Aging, charging and inspection solutions

Daifuku offers MINI-PLANT system for smooth and efficient handling within normal temperature aging, hot aging, charging, discharging, degassing, testing and inspection processes at battery production plant. In MINI-PLANT, these processes are consolidated in one AS/RS to eliminate complex conveying and stacking devices. Once a work-in-process (WIP) enters the MINI-PLANT, all processes are performed within the same aisle.

battery production flow

System Configuration

battery aging system
1 Inbound line
2 Normal aging zone
3 Charger/discharger
4 Hot aging zone
5 OCV tester
6 Rejection line
7 Water tank


Flexible & Quality-conscious

individually controlled location

Rack locations in the hot aging zone (#4) are equipped with an individual shutters so that a uniform and accurate aging process to be guaranteed.

Individual shutters also add flexibility to the system as each location mode can be changed easily between "normal aging" and "hot aging". As a result, production order and processes can be easily reorganized, and storage locations can be used with optimal configuration according to production needs.

High-throughput & Resilient

dual stacker crane system

Two stacker cranes operate simultaneously in the same aisle to increase productivity and throughput. Increased efficiency results in maximized utilization of charge & discharger.

Dual stacker crane system is also beneficial for redundancy because one stacker crane can continue operating while maintenance work is performed on the other stacker crane.


WIP are stored in double deep

The rack location size is designed to fit both the aging module and the charge & dischargers module so that their functions can be changed according to production needs.

When locations are used for normal aging, WIP are stored in double deep, with a back and front storage spot at each location, to maximize storage capacity.

Fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher and water tank

When abnormal heat or smoke is detected at a work-in-process (WIP), a stacker crane transports the WIP to the fire extinguisher location where the WIP is sprayed with CO2. To prevent unnecessary extinguishing, an additional thermal camera and web camera check can be performed before spraying CO2. Once sprayed, the stacker crane transports the WIP to a water tank at the end of the aisle.

Easy expansion

easy system expansion

System expansion can be done by adding new aisles next to the existing system with little interruption to the existing system operation.

Additional rail-guided vehicle system Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV) can be added to connect and integrate aisles into a single production system.

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