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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

automated guided vehicle, AGV

Daifuku's Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems offer flexible movement of materials without human intervention for a variety of industries and for various production phases such as followings;

  • Receiving of raw materials
  • Raw material supply to production lines according to schedule
  • Work-in-progress collection from production lines to buffer area
  • Work-in-progress supply to subsequent processes
  • Mobile working bench of car assembly lines
  • Finished product storage into warehouse
  • Finished product loading to delivery trucks


chain-conveyor automated guided vheicle, AGV

Chain conveyor type

Designed to transfer pallets to/from chain conveyors.

roller-conveyor automatic guided vehicle, AGV

Roller conveyor type

Designed to transfer pallets to/from roller conveyors.

Fork type automated guided vehicle, AGV

Fork type

Lifting function is provided for load transfer to/from floor and conveyors.

roll handling automated guided vehicle, AGV

Roll handling type

The unique positioning device for loading/unloading a roll directly to/from processing machines is provided for full automation.

tunnel tow type AGV

Tunnel tow type

Designed to "tunnel" under carts and trailers to tow them from underneath. This keeps the footprint of AGV with trailer to a minimum.

front tow type AGV

Front tow type

A vehicle with hook/connector tows dollies like a train. Connection can be done automatically or manually according to operational needs.

miniload AGV

Miniload type

Miniload AGV is convenient for parts supply to assembly lines.

Case Study

Teva Pharma Japan

Seven AGVs transport products between the plant and distribution center.

Lintec Corporation

AGVs connect production processes at paper and film production plant.


The largest American department store improved productivity by 22% with towing AGV.

General Motors

14 SmartCarts supply parts to the automotive assembly lines.


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