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Case Sorter "Surfing Sorter"

Daifuku’s Surfing Sorter is a high speed, positive divert sorter designed to accurately track and gently sort all types of carton sizes and configurations at designated points along the transportation line with a highly reliable sort rate. A wide range of cartons, totes and materials are easily and conveniently transported to their assigned zones at high sortation speeds. Along with various peripheral conveyors and automation equipment to derive full advantage of the sorter capacity, Daifuku provides fast and reliable sortation solution for your logistics needs.


sliding shoe of Daifuku sorter

Smooth diverting

Duck-beak shape shoes minimize the risk of cartons/totes getting caught in between.

sliding shoes divert a carton from soter

Gentle sorting control

Gentle shoe movement controlled by magnetic switches allows gentle guiding of loads to avoid damage.

sorter monitoring system

Safety monitoring mechanism

Monitoring system keeps eyes on shoes, switches, chains and slats checking movement and position.


high speed merge conveyor before soter

Single side sorting

The most suitable speed is chosen between 90~180 m/min taking load characteristics and throughput needs into account.

belt conveyors for speed and spacing adjustment

Double side sorting


high speed merge conveyor before soter

Merge conveyor

High-speed merge conveyor feeds cartons from tributary lines to the main line with regular spacing.

belt conveyors for speed and spacing adjustment

Space & Speed control conveyor

A set of belt conveyors adjusts load spacing and conveying speed for smooth feeding to sorter or merge conveyor.

chute junction conveyor

Chute junction conveyor

A moderate angle roller conveyor smoothly takes loads from sorter to chute buffer.

sorter chute with brake rollers

Chute with brake

Chutes with brake rollers gradually reduce carton/tote traveling speed and avoid hitting each other.

palletizing robot combined with sorter

Palletizing Robot

Palletizing robots integrated at chute ends add further automation and operation efficiency.

Case Studies


Outdated sorter was renovated to meet growing demand in overall volume and shipment destinations.

Dell Computer

Dell Computer built a material handling system to enable quick shipment of computers.

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