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WMS "WareNavi"

WMS function coverage

Daifuku's "WareNavi" is the comprehensive WMS package software backed up with the know-how acquired through over 6000 material handling projects.

The program is designed to control every phase of distribution center operations in real time, including: receiving, storage, replenishment, picking, sorting, and shipping.


Monitoring & analysis

The digital dashboard gives center managers an at-a-glance view of operation status. This helps managers take early action in case of delay, trouble, or accident. A variety of statistical data such as ABC analysis, work volume analysis, operation record analysis and stock turnover rate table can be created to easily analyze operations.

Digital dashboard for monitoring operation status
Data for operation analysis


Software parameter settings can be manually adjusted according to current operation needs.



Sound Picker
Picking cart system with tablet computer and barcode scanner. Provides picking instructions and has inspection/monitoring functions.


Sound Checker
Basic package software for shipping inspection. Uses tablet computer and barcode scanner. The software can be customized using standard tools within the program.

Voice Picking System

Voice Picking System
Voice picking system "Vocollect" is a picking solution for quick operation needs that does not require looking at or handling lists.

Case Study

E-commerce retailer

A company was selling a wide variety of miscellaneous items (e.g., food, sundries, stationery, healthcare goods) over the Internet both to businesses and directly to customers. However, they faced various issues with conventional paper list picking and decided to use Daifuku's "WareNavi Fine" to improve their logistics operations.

Issues with previous operations:

  • Inventory control via paper lists
  • Time-consuming preparation of delivery slips and invoices
  • Complex picking list preparation methods
  • Complex order consolidation process for case and piece items
  • By using Daifuku's "WareNavi Fine", the company reduced labor costs and increased shipping accuracy while handling over 3000 orders per day.

  • Reduced labor cost : Number of operators reduced from 53 to 42 (20% reduction)
  • Improved handling capacity : 2000 order/day --> 3000 order/day (50% improvement)
  • Improved shipping accuracy : Error rate reduced to 0.03%
  • Picking list preparations and sorting processes according to shipping form were eliminated
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