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Mobile Pallet Racking

Daifuku's heavy-duty aisle-opening pallet racking, Mobile Rack, is suitable for pallet storage simplifying location control and expediting forklift input/output operation.

With its smooth dolly movement, user-friendly interface, and several safety devices, Daifuku's Mobile Rack has a great reputation in the material handling industry.


Space Efficient

The mobile pallet racking system consists of two fixed racks at either end of the system, with racks on dollies in-between. Compared to conventional fixed racks that require aisle space every two rows, the mobile rack needs only 1 aisle space per system since dollies slide to open an aisle where needed. This system reduces the storage rack footprint by 50%.

save 50% space with mobile rack

Convenient operation modes

full width passage
Full width passage mode allows quick forklift access to an aisle. By combining with guide rail and 3-way forklift or order picker forklift, aisle width can be reduced further.

Full aisle opening

Half width passage
Half-width passage mode allows manual case picking in two aisles at the same time.
Equally-spaced passage
Equal spacing mode is useful for inventory-taking operation. It is also beneficial for air-conditioning efficiency in cold/frozen warehouse as it provides moderate space between stored items and lets chilled air circulate evenly.

Equal spacing mode

User-friendly interface

operation button
Large, durable push button
operation panel
Simple operation panel with mode display
remote controller
Quick operation from forklift using remote controller

Safety devices

running indicator with buzzer
Running indicator with buzzer
trespass sensor
Trespass sensors check for forklifts and operators
obstacle detector
Obstacle detector checks floor
removable safety interlock
Removable safety interlock to protect picking operators



C-channel rail for mobile pallet racking
Standard V-channel rail best fits for installation in a newly built warehouse.
It has to be installed during building construction as a part of flooring work.
sheet rail for mobile pallet racking
Sheet rail is the most economical solution for installation in a existing building.
rail-less magnet-guided mobile pallet racking
Rail-less magnetic-guided type is suitable for existing building and rented warehouse where flooring work is restricted.


odd-shaped mobile pallet racking
Maximum capacity designs for odd-shaped buildings
canti-lever type mobile pallet racking
Cantilever rack is convenient for storing long objects.
mobile rack with custom rack
Custom designed rack for coil storage.

Special environment

cold resistant mobile pallet racking
Cold resistant model for temperatures down to -30℃ fits for freezer and refrigeration warehouses.

Case Studies

Daikin parts center

Daikin Industries

Spare parts distribution center doubled storage capacity and improved order processing.

Hutech Norin distribution center

Hutech Norin

A multiplex logistics center handles both fresh and frozen foods with Mobile rack, AS/RS and case sorter.

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