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Pick-to-Light System "Digital Pick System"

The digital picking system is a piece-picking system in which products are picked according to the instructions on the digital display attached to the shelf. The system can be built for a wide range of applications, from low-mix high-volume to high-mix low-volume. Since the scope of the worker's responsibility is clear, and the instructions and quantity of products are displayed, work efficiency can be improved and picking errors can be greatly reduced compared to the paper list method.

The digital display can be mounted on a variety of racks, making it easy to build a digital picking system to suit the type of cargo and application. The system is also used in combination with automated warehouses for storage and picking systems. We have a wealth of experience in order picking of food and daily necessities in wholesale, e-commerce and retail industries.

Configuration Variations

Basic configuration

The operator follows the instructions on the display unit and puts the picked items from the gravity rack into the containers on the conveyor at his/her backside.

Front Picking Configuration:"No bending & No looking back" to reduce the workload

The layout of "no bending" when removing products from gravity racks and "no looking back" when putting them into collection boxes improves productivity and reduces the workload of workers.

Since the distance from the gravity rack to the collection boxes is minimized, there is no need to bend down or look back while holding the product. It also reduces the risk of dizziness because it reduces blurring of vision.

Double Line configuration:Separate lines for single-line orders and multi-line orders for higher efficiency

The collection conveyor is arranged in two lines, main and sub. Single line orders are collected on the sub line and multi line orders are collected on the main line to improve the zone hit rate of the main line. In addition, workers can use their waiting time to pick the next orders on the temporary storage table to further improve efficiency.

Automatic feeder configuration

The operator's job is to place the products picked from the gravity rack on the table of the automatic feeder. The automatic feeder inspects the placed items by weight, and when the right collection box arrives, it wraps the picked items with its belt and gently feeds them in.

The operator does not have to wait for the collection box to arrive, and can pick multiple orders in advance, thus improving work efficiency. This system is ideal for picking high frequency items, heavy items, and delicate products.

Extended Options

Automatic Replenishment

Inventory replenishment to picking gravity rack is executed automatically using stacker cranes.

Picking image search system

The picking image search system links and manages the picking operation data and video data of the actual picking operation. This makes it easy to investigate the cause of mis-shipment or foreign material contamination, since the desired work scene can be searched at once. Only scenes with movement are recorded by motion detection, so no useless video is stored.

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