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Picking Cart System

Picking Cart System is a walk-through picking using handcart equipped with totes, weight scale and inspection devices. It provides "picking", "inspection" and "sorting" functions at the same time and best fits for picking of slow moving items.

An operator picks items following instructions given on the cart display, and scans item barcodes to confirm type and quantity of picked items. The cart has an integrated weight scale which simultaneously double-checks picked items by weight.

The system provides approximately 50% greater efficiency and accuracy than conventional list picking operations.

Picking Cart System
picking cart system
picking cart system
picking cart


Jungle Cart

Jungle Cart is a mixed application of Picking Cart System and Put-to-light System. A Jungle Cart consists of a cart with 64 put-to-light indicators, detachable shelf, barcode scanner and operation terminal.

An operator walks along inventory shelves pushing a cart and picks items in accordance with instructions given by the operation terminal. The operator scans the barcode of a picked item using the barcode scanner to confirm if he/she picked a correct item. Then, a put-to-light indicator on the cart lights up to show where to place the item. In case an operator enter his/her hand into an wrong location, the display units give a warning.

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