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Shuttle Vehicle Miniload AS/RS "Shuttle Rack M"

Daifuku's multi shuttle system "Shuttle Rack M" is a fast, vehicle-type AS/RS designed to provide storage and sorting function by group or by certain sequence. It is perfect for following needs.

The "Shuttle Rack M" can handle cartons, totes, and trays.
Both single-deep and double-deep configurations are available.
Click to view Shuttle Rack M configuration and make 360-degree roll.

Shuttle Rack video


Easy Maintenance

Faulty shuttles can be replaced with little disruption to the system. Other shuttles continue to operate while maintenance is being performed on one shuttle. By controlling the number of active shuttles, maintenance can be systematically performed on each shuttle without interrupting the handling process.

Energy Saving

The system has one shuttle vehicle installed on every level. Each shuttle travels at high speeds to quickly store and retrieve loads. By using lightweight vehicles to transport loads, the "Shuttle Rack M" consumes 60% less power per cycle than conventional crane systems.

layer conveyor distributes loads to shuttle layers
The layer conveyor connecting the lift and shuttle vehicles.
shuttle vehicle of shuttle rack
A shuttle vehicle placing a load into rack.

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