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Miniload Automated Storage & Retrieval System (Miniload AS/RS)

mini-load AS/RS system, mini-load automated warehouse

Daifuku's Mini-load Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Mini-load AS/RS) provides fast and efficient storage and retrieval for containers, trays, cases and bins. Its high speeds ensure timely inventory supply for both order-picking and manufacturing operations. The mini-load is user-friendly and can be easily integrated into existing material flow systems. View Unit-load AS/RS configuration in 3D.


1. Fast and accurate

The Mini-load stacker crane moves quickly and accurately to handle throughput for high-volume order picking or manufacturing.

2. High-rise, high-density storage

Mini-load AS/RS utilizes more vertical space than traditional selective rack systems. Loads are placed on shelves with high precision to optimize storage density.

3. Smooth, quiet performance

The Mini-load stacker crane uses aluminum masts and urethane wheels to achieve stable and quiet movement, even at high speeds. Our low-noise mini-load AS/RS can be installed virtually anywhere, including next to offices or on upper floors in buildings.

4. Improved operating efficiency

The high-speed stacker crane automatically stores and retrieves loads quickly and precisely, delivering them directly to operators for picking. This eliminates time spent looking for and retrieving items. Mini-load AS/RS are also perfect for sequencing items prior to sorting, improving the efficiency of later handling processes.

5. Reduced energy consumption

The latest Mini-load stacker crane model is 15% more lightweight than the previous model. The motor was also made smaller, reducing electricity consumption.


Fork extractor

Plate extends under load. Available in both single-deep and double-deep configurations.

side hook extractor for miniload AS/RS

Side-hook extractor

Extendable side clamps with roller conveyor. Perfect for dynamic storage of varying load sizes.

icon 2 load handling crane video
roll handling extractor for miniload AS/RS

Roll handling extractor

Direct handling application of roll products improve storage density while removing cumbersome empty tray handling from operation.

dual stacker crane system

Dual stacker cranes

Two stacker cranes operate simultaneously in the same aisle to maximize throughput capacity and resiliency.


U-shape conveyor for picking

U-shaped conveyor

Ideal for high-frequency storage/retrieval and picking operations.

slide shoe conveyor for sorting case by AS/RS aisle

Magic Cross Conveyor

High-capacity slide-shoe slat conveyor that handles up to 2400 cases per hour. Its right angle merging greatly reduces the system footprints.

AS/RS rack-side gravity conveyor for picking

Gravity rack with Pick-to-Light

A stacker crane automatically replenishes gravity picking lanes equipped with pick-to-light indicators, which gives picking instructions to operators.

Case Study

Narita International Airport

Mini-load AS/RS smoothly connects maintenance processes spread across three floors.


Two Mini-load stacker cranes replenish cases into picking buffer lanes at book distribution center.

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