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Modern innovations have revolutionized the way a factory operates. Daifuku started its Factory Automation & Distribution Automation (FADA) divisions’ India operations in 2014. Intent was to provide the Indian manufacturers the best infrastructure for warehousing and storage solutions with proven Japanese technology. India is a price sensitive market and this is where saving every penny becomes critical for companies to stay competitive and relevant. This is also where multiplying your efficiency; you can save money and become competitive. Money saved is money earned! And this is exactly what as AS/RS can do for you. It is this insight that Daifuku wants to spread as India looks to further its manufacturing story. We have extensive experience and knowhow of how to best the intralogistics material movement. No matter what your budget is, we can always help you to spend it in a way that gives you most bang for the buck!

Established in 1937, Daifuku-headquartered in Japan, has been a known name as a global leader in Automated Material Handling systems. Daifuku ventured into the Indian market with their AFA (Automotive Factory Automation) Divisionnew window as one-hundred percent subsidiary of Daifuku Japan in 2005 with base in Delhi NCR. Daifuku then started its FADA Division from their Indian Head Quarters in 2014, and further expanded their operations to West and Central India, administering from their Mumbai office in 2016. Main purpose was to be close to the customers.

Daifuku is committed to provide the Indian manufacturers the best technology for warehousing and storage solutions with proven Japanese quality. At Daifuku, we strongly believe that a unique need must be attended by an innovative solution. We are the only AS/RS multinational company in India with a direct presence, to offer end to end tailor- made solutions for the Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution sectors. We have acquired a knack for finding inefficiencies that may be overlooked in everyday business. Over the time, Daifuku has assisted in optimizing and increasing efficiency for industry giants. In India right from the food to automotive and everything in between is a sector served by Daifuku. We, at Daifuku, enjoy our work, we love challenges.

Our scope includes:

Consulting I Design I Integration I Realization I After Sales Support. The bigger your business problems, the more excited we are to deliver a tailor-made yet proven solution. We are the people that enable you do what you do best and to remain always an edge ahead of your competitors.

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highest number of AS/RS installation in India

Daifuku solution for manufacturer’s includes -

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Team Daifuku India

Our people are our pillars. We believe in building happy customers by encouraging happy team members. Our team consists of diversified professionals and experts in their specific domain to give the edge in the total business scenario of Daifuku India.

Asim Behera, COO of Daifuku India Private Limited

Mr. Asim Behera, COO, Daifuku India

Mr. Asim Behera is the torchbearer of the commitment to expand and establish Daifuku as a strong solution provider in the area of Factory Automation & Distribution Automation in India. He is the COO for the FADA Division of Daifuku India Private Limited. With a BS in Robotics from USA, Mr. Behera worked with DC Waters, USA and Swisslog in the past.

Since 2013, he has been associated with Daifuku India. For a Japan based company to capture a market in the Indian scenario was initially a challenge. With his sincere dedication and proven skills of Consultation and the in-depth knowledge of AS/RS, Mr. Behera succeeded in creating a competing market share for Daifuku with its Indian counter-parts.

From explaining the advantage of implementing full AS/RS process in your factory to describing the palate supremacy of those made in Japan to India; he will be able to define the exact reasons to why you should opt for Daifuku solutions. If your production has come to a halt due to machine break-down in Raw Materials storage or in Finished Goods, he would be able to highlight the causes and provide timely solutions. The customers of Daifuku India not only purchase the AS/RS products, they get free consultation and solutions to their problems from Mr. Behera in almost no time.

Having a leader with such great mission, all the members at Daifuku are committed to solve any problem related to Factory Automation & Distribution Automation. Our sales team visits you to understand your problem and give you consultation on actual operations. Our Marketing & after Sales team is prompt in solving your frequently asked questions.


Daifuku India is in a mission to change the outlook of operation by using Automated Storage and Retrieval System. In India, mostly people love instant remedies to instant problems which eventually lead to higher cost in operations and maintenance of the factories. Also, there is no standard size of pallet and trucks in India whereas globally they follow a standard dimension. All these add to hidden threat (costs) of Indian manufacturers. Daifuku looks at not only your acute problems but approaches your operations from a holistic view.

Daifuku India provides Solutions for you

Automatic Storage & Retrieving Systems:-

We have an extensive lineup of storage products that can meet the diverse needs in the field of logistics as well as manufacturing. Daifuku’s automated storage and retrieval Systems (AS/RS) provide versatile material handling solutions for factory automation as well as warehouses and distribution centers. Our AS/RS line includes the best-selling unit load for pallet-size loads and the high-speed mini load for smaller items stored in totes or cases. Both offer high-density storage capacity with a compact footprint. Along with this, we have cleanroom credentials新しいウィンドウを開きます that are crucial for the production and maintenance of semiconductors and LCD panels that are being used in smart phones and also storage systems for parts distribution.

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