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Daifuku's Total Solution Experience

As the world leader in material handling automation, Daifuku offers comprehensive and complete solutions to our customers. This "Total Solution Experience" includes: consulting, planning, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, upgrading, and retrofitting. Our extensive background and wealth of experience helps us design optimal systems that meet customers' needs.

Daifuku services

1. Learning & Experiencing

If you are in need of logistics improvement and looking for various possibilities, we are here to help you. Contact one of Daifuku global offices to talk directly. You may visit one of our exhibition centers to see Daifuku material handling system in action and learn how they help various logistic needs. We also participate various industrial shows throughout the year to introduce our solutions. Check Upcoming Events for updates.

Daifuku North America, Innovation Center, Illinois
Brand-new Innovation Center exhibits a variety of material handling equipment such as AS/RS, conveyor, sorter, robot and picking systems. (Illinois, USA)
Daifuku North America head office is equipped with AGV showroom. (Michigan, USA)
Mini showroom in Singapore office offers live Miniload AS/RS managing spare parts inventory. (Singapore)
Airport Technology Demo Center (Shiga, Japan)

2. Consulting

simulation for complex system

Based on analysis on current logistics operation data, we propose system concept and operation improvement.


Site investigation

Data analysis (inventory, material flow, etc.)

Concept formulation

3. Planning & Engineering

We offer the optimal system solution covering equipment, material flow design, operation plan, personnel distribution, IT system design together with its overall ROI evaluation.

IT planning

IT system planning

From WCS for equipment control to WMS for distribution center management, Daifuku provides best IT solution for your needs.

IT planning


Simulation is one of the techniques Daifuku use to make optimal solutions for customers. Using dedicated material handling simulation software, we create a model of a planned system and run it for assessing movement, identifying issues and then optimizing system design. Read more about Daifuku's simulation .

3D visualization

When the proposed system is complex or totally new in concept, Daifuku utilize 3D visualization tools to provide our customers the clear image of their new investment.

ROI evaluation

4. Design & Production

pre-shipment inspection
production site



With cutting-edge R&D facility and technology, we create new product and system for latest logistics needs.




5. Installation & Operation

stacker crane assembly
stacker crane assembly on site




Operation training

Handover to customer

6. After-sales Service

Preventive inspection & maintenance

24/7 help desk

Remote monitoring and maintenance

On-site support

Spare part sales (*1)

Modification, retrofit & equipment upgrades

(*1) Parts inquiry for automotive, semiconductor, airport, car-washing machine and other businesses >>>

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