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Preventive Service

Preventive inspection program

Daifuku works with customers after installation to ensure their system performs at a high level throughout its life cycle. Preventative maintenance keeps equipment running longer and greatly reduces the chances of unexpected equipment failure.

We have a variety of checkup and maintenance programs to protect your investment – from semi-annual maintenance checkups to a fully customized system audit of your equipment and its performance.

24-hour remote monitoring

Daifuku offers 24-hour remote monitoring to detect potential errors at an early stage.

Prediction/Forecast System

Daifuku's monitoring system "Daguard" records equipment usage and suggests appropriate timing for maintenance and replacing parts.

Function Image Description
Part Life Monitoring It shows life expectancy of all monitored parts based on the actual utilization and judges whether it requires replacement or maintenance.
Diagnostics It detects quality loss from aging and gives maintenance advice with useful diagnosis results such as graphs and charts.
Maintenance Support Error conditions are logged and graph of each log is displayed to facilitate the pursuit of causes. It also keeps the record of maintenance and part exchange history for maintenance management.

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