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Narita International Airport

Connecting multiple floors to improve operational efficiency

miniload AS/RS at Narita Airport

In March 2014, Narita International Airport Corp. (headquartered in Narita, Japan) installed Daifuku's material handling system in their airway lighting maintenance workshop, which maintains 14,000 aeronautical lights. After reorganizing airport facilities, maintenance work previously done on one floor had to be relocated to a new, three-story building.

Daifuku's solution


  1. 1.Operations previously performed on a single floor are spread across three floors
  2. 2.Insufficient storage space for aeronautical lights


  1. 1.AS/RS connecting all three floors, enabling smooth retrieval and storage
  2. 2.AS/RS increased storage capacity

The new building was built with gaps in the ceiling and floor to install the mini-load AS/RS for aeronautical light storage. The AS/RS is used for inter-floor transport, supplying lights to the necessary maintenance stations: cleaning process (1st floor); inspection, disassembly, and assembly processes (2nd floor); and testing process (3rd floor). The AS/RS increased storage capacity, allowing many more lights to be stored on site.

vertical carousel
Vertical carousel for parts storage between the 2nd and 3rd floors
input station
Storage station on the 1st floor
maintenance work area
Work area on the 2nd floor, where lights are disassembled and parts are replaced

Customer's Voice

Runway Maintenance Division

We installed two stacker cranes so that lights can always be retrieved, even if one of the stacker cranes is down. We also had an emergency retrieval function programmed, so that a full set of lights can immediately be pulled in case an accident occurs and an aircraft damages a large amount of lights on the runway. As a part of the security department, we must be prepared for emergency situations in addition to performing regular maintenance.