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The joint food logistics center streamline operations with Daifuku material handling solutions

In Japan, the number of truck drivers has been decreasing in the last 15 years. On the contrary, the needs for truck drivers have been increasing due to the rapid growth of e-commerce business. As result, the Japanese logistics industry has been seriously struggling with a shortage of drivers.

In order to tackle this problem and to maintain the sustainable food supply chain for future, 6 Japanese food manufacturers jointly formed a new logistic company called "F-LINE (Future Logistics Intelligent Network)" to provide the joint logistics services.

In 2019, F-LINE built the new joint logistics center equipped with the material handling system in Fukuoka to streamline the food logistics in Kyushu area.

Featuring material handling equipment

Depalletizing & Palletizing Robot

Multi-functional palletizing & depalletizing robots eliminate high-workload and time-consuming case picking operation of fast-moving small-lot items. (depalletizing 2:42-3:26 / palletizing 4:00-4:49)

Miniload AS/RS

Mini-load AS/RS consisting of 11 stacker cranes buffers depalletized cases from fast-moving small-lot items. The maximum capacity is 20000 cases. (3:30-3:52)

Unitload AS/RS

Unit-load AS/RS with 1454 pallet capacity stores fast-moving medium-lot items. The first level locations work as the picking window with automated replenishment by stacker crane. (5:06-6:06)

Shuttle Rack L (Pallet Shuttle)

Shuttle Rack L stores both fast-moving large-lot items as well as order-picked items ready for shipment. (6:07-6:47)

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet rack buffers the slow-moving items. (6:48-7:08)


Fork-type AGV transfers pallets between the truck berth area and the lifters connecting different floors. (7:20-8:01)

Truck Washing Machine

The truck washing machine "Camion Custom " cleans up a truck in 4 minutes, adding the clean image as the food logistics company. (8:19-8:40)