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Miyagi Coop

Increase SKU handling capacity and improve productivity

pick-to-light system in Miyagi Coop

In 2011, Miyagi Co-op built the "Narita Setting Center" to prepare orders for home delivery. The center consists of two parts: one to handle refrigerated food and bread for Co-op Miyagi and the other to handle frozen food for Co-op Tohoku.

In 1982, Miyagi Co-op was established as a logistics center for refrigerated and frozen goods. However, the system was deteriorating after 27 years of operation. Totes in the digital picking system were transported on belt conveyors with tracking control, which created redundant spaces between the totes on the line. If one section of the line was delayed, the entire line would have to stop. These factors made it difficult to improve the productivity of picking operations.

Furthermore, the existing rack storage system made it difficult to increase SKU handling capacity. Miyagi Co-op decided to outsource order preparation of frozen products to Co-op Tohoku and build a new logistics site for refrigerated product handling.

Co-op Tohoku was established in 1995, and set up a logistics site for handling dry products in 2005. With successful cost reductions in their dry product center, Co-op Tohoku agreed to collaborate with Co-op Miyagi for frozen product handling.

Daifuku's solution

pick-to-light system


New pick-to-light system where collection boxes equipped with wireless display units are narrowly spaced. This new system improved Miyagi Co-op's productivity by 50% and increases SKU handling capacity.

Jungle cart

Jungle Cart

Group picking system to handle low-frequency items for multiple orders. Items are collected before being brought to the eye-navi system. This increases productivity and provides a flexible approach for handling larger amounts of items.

daifuku`s warehouse management system,receiving inspection,collection data creation,inventory control


Batch management system provides information for all logistics operations in a warehouse. This includes receiving inspection, collection data creation, and inventory control.