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Ocean-fresh fish need to be blast-frozen at temperatures under -35 Celsius to preserve freshness. Daifuku developed the world's first automated blast-freezer system, making automatic handling of blast-frozen goods a reality.


1. Improved operational flexibility & efficiency

Previous freezer models made it impossible to add more fish to a room without interrupting the freezing process.
This made multiple freezer rooms a requirement for serious operations.

Daifuku's blast-freezer system allows customers to add more fish without interrupting the freezing process, reducing the number of necessary freezer rooms. The system also enables storage at any empty rack location, maximizing space efficiency.

Conventional blast-freezer has many individual rooms and requires forklift operation
Automated blast-freezer system has less rooms and freezers

2. Energy Saving & Improved Quality

Previous freezer room storage operations were performed by forklifts with freezer doors kept open. This caused the freezer room temperature to rise during storage/removal, requiring additional energy and time before the next freezing process could begin.

Ante-rooms and shutters between the blast-freezer AS/RS and receiving area minimize the loss of cold air, keeping the temperature below 0 Celsius. This means freezing operations can start immediately after storage, improving energy efficiency and product quality.

Conventional freezer
Doors are kept open during storage operations.
Automated freezer
Ante-room and shutters keep the freezer room below 0℃.

Case Study

Seishin Reizoko

Fully automated freezer and storage system improved fish product quality.

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