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Cold product sorting


Ice cream and other frozen foods typically require temperatures below -18℃ throughout the entire process. In the conventional method, workers must pick and sort in temperatures below -20℃.

1. Pallet storage by forklift truck
2. Case picking from pallet racking
3. Primary manual sorting by area
4. Secondary manual sorting using Put-to-Light system
5. Barcode inspection

There are several problems with this kind of operation:

  • Long manual labor in temperatures under -20℃
  • Multiple trips to the same location to pick SKUs for different batches
  • Sorting and shipping errors
  • Solution

    1. Consolidating batches

    Multiple batches can be consolidated by using a buffer AS/RS, in which all cases needed for a day are temporarily stored. Repeated trips to the same location are eliminated and daily operation time is reduced.

    2. Minimizing manual work in -20℃

    Automated sorting and sequencing by the shuttle rack eliminates the need for manual sorting in temperatures of -20℃ or less.

    3. Automatic shipping inspection

    Automatic barcode readers at the end of sorter chutes check each case to prevent shipping errors.

    1. Pallet storage by forklift truck (-20℃)
    2. Case picking from pallet racking (-20℃)
    3. Automatic labeling of store information after reading ITF code (-5℃)
    4. Automatic sorting and sequencing in buffer AS/RS (-20℃)
    5. Sorted by destination according to load order (-5℃)
    6. Automatic barcode inspection at chute end, workers load cases onto shipping carts in order of arrival (-5℃)

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