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GMP compliance

For pharmaceutical and healthcare product manufacturers, steady supply of safe products in line with GMP is always the concern. WHO is suggesting pharmaceutical production sites to be designed to fulfill following factors in its GMP training document:

Daifuku offers intralogistics solutions for pharmaceutical plant taking the above factors into account.

1. Minimize risks of human errors

Handling raw materials and work-in-process using unique ID and automated equipment is one of ways to reduce the human error risk.

From raw material supply, work-in-process handling to final product sorting, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system is a convenient way to connect processes while reducing human intervention. Laser-guided AGV and Magnetic-tag guided AGV remains the site floor flat and easy to clean.

AS/RS offers a effective work-in-process buffer to connect the production processes from unpacking, pulverization, sieving, weighing, granulation, mixing , compression, coating, inspection, printing and packing with minimum human intervention.

2. Permit effective cleaning / Avoid build-up of dirt and dust

Daifuku offers material handling equipment tailored to cleanroom requirement to prevent dust accumulation and allow easy cleaning.

  • stainless steel application to equipment surfaces
  • resin application for contact surfaces
  • dustpans around contact surfaces
  • antistatic covers
  • lube-free/oil-less chain application
  • washable design
  • etc.

For more information, read Clean room control.

Covers around stacker crane rail side and power supply trolley.

3. Avoid cross-contamination

When material handling equipment works in multiple areas, each area is separated by automatic shutters which open only when there is incoming or outbound pallets

4. Permit effective maintenance

GMP requires to keep accurate records relating to maintenance activities such as when the equipment was last used and when it was last inspected/repaired,

Daifuku's original maintenance management computer DAGUARD provides 4 useful functions to facilitate effective maintenance execution.

  • Maintenance and inspection function
  • Part life expectancy function
  • Diagnostics function
  • Maintenance history management

For more information, read Preventive Service page.

Case Studies

Teva Pharma Japan

Automated replenishment system to picking locations improves the logistics operation efficiency to deal with growing small lot orders.

Nissin Pharma

Seismic isolated AS/RS for storing raw material, work in process, packaging materials and finished products strengthens steady supply of drugs.

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