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Multi-order Digital Pick System

Automatic drop-in tables increase efficiency

Digital pick system

Current Issue

In standard digital pick systems, a worker's productivity can be affected by other zones. If there are no totes in the worker's zone, he or she must wait until the next totes arrive before picking.

Because workers place picked items directly into the tote, they must focus on only one tote at a time.

Multi-order pick system with automatic drop-in table

Daifuku's Solution

In our multi-order digital pick system, workers place picked items onto tables installed above the tote conveying line. He or she can work on multiple orders simultaneously because each table is assigned one order.

The tables have signal lights to indicate where the worker should place picked items. The tables are also equipped with scales that weigh picked items to confirm they match orders. Once approved, the table automatically drops picked items into the designated tote when it arrives.

This system is 50% more efficient than standard digital pick systems. It improves accuracy and reduces picking errors.

Case Study

Osaka Izumi Citizens' Co-op

Multi-order pick-to-light system improved picking operation efficiency by eliminating waiting time.

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