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Shipping Inspection by Image Recognition

Automatic inspection using Image Recognition Technology

inspection with paper list
Inspection with paper list

Current Issue

With conventional inspection using paper list, it is impossible to eliminate human errors completely. It also requires much time to complete inspection on all items as the operator's eyes have to wander back and forth between list and a tote repeatedly, resulting in labor cost burden.

Inspection by image recognition camera.

Daifuku's Solution

The camera equipped above a conveyor section automatically scans products inside of a picked tote and checks the scanned data against the product master and order data for product code and ordered quantity.

This solution is especially effective for products without barcodes and generally provides 3 times higher productivity.

Application of image recognition technology

case picking robot in Mercian

Mercian Corporation

Automatic case picking robots use image recognition technology for making mixed SKU pallets.

Dispensing inspection AUDIT

Image recognition technology we refined through logistics inspection is now evolving into a new product for dispensing inspection at pharmacies.(domestic sales in Japan only)

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