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Post-slitter & Inspection Buffer


Film rolls after aging and slitting goes through the inspection process before they become ready for use. Here, the key factor is to maximize the utilization of inspection machines by feeding and collecting test bodies in timely manner with minimum loss time.

Manual handling of rolls is not ergonomically desirable and may cause quality troubles.
Manual management often fails to feed/collect test bodies to the inspection machine in timely manner.
Conventional floor storage requires a wide area for buffering.


A series of Daifuku automation equipment feeds, collects and stores roll products without touching their surfaces so as not to influence product quality. The system works along with the progress of each slitter and inspection machine, reducing loss time between batches.

Overhead Monorail

Direct handling AS/RS

Case Study

Lintec Corporation

A general manufacturer of adhesives handles roll products using AS/RS, AGV and STV.

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