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Aging Buffer


Accurate control of aging time and temperature is a key factor for boosting yield rate in film manufacturing. With conventional manual aging management, it was impossible to perfectly manage both aging time and temperature, resulting in quality variations. Daifuku offers film aging system providing accurate aging temperature management and aging time management.

Conventional manual aging control may result in over-aging and quality variations.
Floor aging takes much space
Specially designed pallet takes spaces while not in use.


Daifuku offers aging AS/RS solution for managing aging time and temperature accurately in order to level quality and improve yield ratio.

AS/RS also enables to utilize vertical space efficiently to save horizontal spaces.

Temperature control

The system is equipped with sensors for monitoring temperature so that optimal aging environment to be kept throughout the aging time.

Temperature sensors in rack

Aging time control

Specially designed WMS records accurate time of aging start and automatically order the stacker crane to retrieve to normal temperature area when the set aging time is lapsed.

Space saving

Direct handling AS/RS utilizes the vertical space efficiently without touching film in process itself.

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