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Parts & raw material supply solutions


With recent trend of HMLV (high-mix, low-volume) manufacturing, parts supply to assembly lines is often a bottle neck, lowering efficiency and reducing productivity.

Market trend

  1. 1.Downsized parts
  2. 2.Increasing SKU
  3. 3.High-mix Low-volume production


Increasing parts supply cost due to growing picking frequency

An additional buffer area is often provided near production area to solve this issue. However, the additional transporting process and decentralized inventory control rather increases intralogistic costs.


Daifuku's solution is to simplify the intralogistic process using AS/RS and transport system to free human from no value-adding work. In the model system below, miniload AS/RS automatically feeds parts to overhead monorail system according to production line needs. The monorail system then picks up the load and delivers to designated stations within the assembly area.

This solution provides following benefits as a result.

  1. 1. Labor saving
    Since the overhead conveying system supplies materials directly from the AS/RS to assembly area, supply workers for handling between the main stock and the secondary buffer are no longer needed.
  2. 2. Space saving
    The AS/RS directly supplies according to production line needs. This eliminates the need for a secondary buffer near production lines.
  3. 3. Improved flexibility
    Automated supply reduces lead time, making production schedules more flexible.
  4. 4. Optimized inventory
    Centralized control of inventory in AS/RS optimizes inventory handling.
  5. 5. Improved safety
    Reduced human or forklift traffic results in safer working environment.

Case Study

cox target media

Cox Target Media

Dual crane system supply paper rolls just in time for processing.

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