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Order Preparation

Goods-to-person Picking

Efficient piece picking is key for B2C business success. AS/RS individual piece handling helps streamline operations and increase operation efficiency. An automatic picker can further reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

Multi-order Pick-to-light Picking


Each picking tote has an RFID and display unit to improve operation efficiency and shipping accuracy.

Feature 1 : Minimal wait time between orders 
  • Space between totes is minimized
  • Delay at one picking point does not slow down entire system

  • Feature 2 : High-accuracy picking
  • Operator can easily identify the correct tote to place picked items
  • Wireless display with real time inspection function

  • Feature 3: Simple configuration at low cost
  • Simple conveyor configuration
  • Conventional tracking controls are unnecessary
  • "Jungle Cart"

    A cart with 64 put-to-light indicators and a barcode scanner for picking slow moving items.

    Feature 1 : High efficiency & flexibility
  • Picking for 64 orders minimizes walking distance
  • Item/SKU layout is flexible

  • Feature 2 : High-accuracy picking
  • Barcode inspection after picking from shelves prevents picking errors
  • Put-to-light indicator on cart shows where to place picked items
  • Area sensor on cart warns when an operator inserts hand into wrong put-to window.

  • Feature 3 : Maximum efficiency when combined with eye-navi
  • Jungle Carts help reduce number of operators in "eye-navi" lines
  • Put-to shelf is easily detached from jungle cart, and can supplement "eye-navi" lines.
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