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1. About

In urban area where land space is limited, the needs for having nearby columbaria instead of having tombs in far-distant cemetery gardens is increasing. Daifuku's automated columbarium uses vertical space efficiently to provide adequate rooms for urns as well as rooms for prayers within a limited land space of urban area.

Indoor prayer rooms always provide comfortable praying environment to visitors and allow them to pay their respects to the deceased regardless of the weather outside. Besides, the indoor barrier-free worship area provides smooth access to elderly people and visitors with wheelchairs comparing to outdoor grave.

Storage rack
Worship booth
Management System

2. Our technology

Stacker cranes, the core of automated columbarium system, are backed up with Daifuku's technology and know-how accumulated though 80+ years experience in the material handling industry.

How does it work?

Each user is provided with IC cards holding an urn information. When a user scans IC card at the IC reader, the management computer (WMS) gives an retrieval order to the stacker crane and the urn box is relieved to the worship booth shortly. Face authentification is also available as an option.

The management computer is equipped with various convenient functions for the columbarium administrator for accurate and effective management of the columbarium.

What happens during the religious peak period?

According to storage capacity of each facility, Daifuku advises the appropriate worship booth quantity so as to reserve sufficient praying time for each visitor during the religious peak time. They can be distributed on one floor or on multiple floors depending on the building constraints.

Furthermore, the original dual stacker crane technology ensures smooth and reliable operations during religious peak periods.

3. Model plan

From a large-scale model of over 12,000 urn boxes to a small-scale system of 300 urn boxes, Daifuku offers the optimal system for each customer's needs.

Indoor large-scale model

Storage capacity 4,000~10,000 boxes
Floor space 150m2 (*1)
# of stacker cranes 2/aisle x 2 aisles = 4 units

*1. Urn storage space only. Worship booth space is not included.

Indoor small-scale model

Storage capacity 500 boxes
Floor space 20m2 (*1)
# of booth 3
# of stacker cranes 1

*1. Urn storage space only. Worship booth space is not included.

Outdoor small-scale model

Storage capacity 300 boxes
Floor space 10m2 (*1)
Building size (m) 4.8W x 1.9D x 5.8H
# of booth 2
# of stacker cranes 1

*1. Urn storage space only. Worship booth space is not included.

4. Variations (Buddhism version)

Various urn box and booth design is available according to religious and regional needs. Below are some examples.

Urn box

Japanese Kanto style
Japanese Kansai style

Worship booth

A worship booth in beautiful contrast of black and gold
Simple & modern style
A private worship room in gorgeous golden color
A private worship room with the artistic gravestone
A private worship room featuring the glass art gravestone
Water-proof worship booth for outdoor columbarium

5. Reference

Genkakuji Temple

Indoor columbarium located in the city center. (Buddhism / Japan)

Jigenji Temple

An independent columbarium building constructed within the beautiful temple garden. (Buddhism / Japan)

Sinkyoji Temple

Modern-style indoor columbarium located near Asakusa, Tokyo. (Buddhism / Japan)

Banshoji Temple

The largest-scale automated columbarium in Japan holds over 12,000 urn boxes. (Buddhism / Japan)

6. See, Learn & Experience

Demo center "Hini Arata Kan"

Hini Arata Kan exhibits full range of Daifuku's material handling equipment including demo booth of automated columbarium system.

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