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Cooling & Curing

There are several ways of treating fruits and vegetables for providing best quality products to consumers.
Daifuku offers AS/RS solutions combined with treatment system.


Vacuum Cooling

Vacuum cooling devices cool down crops quickly from their core by utilizing vaporization heat under reduced pressure environment. Combining an AS/RS enables round-the-clock crop supply to the cooling device, eliminating forklift operations to and from the device.

Differential Pressure Cooling

Differential pressure fans equipped behind AS/RS rack quickly chills crops at storage locations. It is suitable for cooling down large volume.

Comparing to conventional cooling operation using refrigerator room and forklifts, in/out opening size is smaller and consequently energy consumption is lower.


Differential pressure fans equipped behind AS/RS rack dries large amounts of crops quickly and evenly. The air recirculated within the AS/RS ensures consistent, quality drying irrespective of the ambient humidity.


AS/RS filled with ethylene gas promotes forced fruit ripening and tinting.
The AS/RS can be easily connected to grading lines to increase automation and further reduce labor costs.

Case Study

JA Tonamino

JA Tonamino

Fruits grading center sorts pears, peaches, apples and grapes.

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