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Receiving, Packing & Shipping solutions

Pallet Unloader

Automatic pallet unloader reduces congestion at receiving stations and replaces manual unloading work.

Buffer AS/RS

AS/RS buffer between receiving and grading phases sorts products by category to improve grading process efficiency.

Boxing & Packing

Automatic carton erector, boxing machine, and sealing machine reduce manual labor.

Sorting & Shipping

Daifuku's "Shuttle Rack M" and "Surfing Sorter" improve efficiency of the sorting and shipping process. Features include:

  • automatic handling to reduce manual labor
  • accurate inventory management
  • FIFO control
  • reduced lead time
  • reduced shipping errors
  • capability to handle various carton types
  • sorting by destination
  • sorting by grade
  • Case Study

    JA Minami Shinshu

    JA Minami Shinshu

    Fruits grading center sorts pears, peaches, apples and grapes.

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