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Ergonomic worktable & pushcart "Level Cart"

Discontinuation Notice

Dear Valued Customers,

After careful consideration, Daifuku has decided to discontinue the manufacture of its Level Cart series as of 31st March 2019. The last date for guaranteed fulfillment of Level Cart is 31 March 2019. Orders received after this date will be fulfilled only if there is remaining product inventory on hand, and will not be accepted after inventory has been depleted. The sale of service parts such as handles, covers, wheels and tables will be open until the end of September 2020.

level cart

Daifuku's Level Cart is a unique pushcart equipped with an automatic leveling table keeping the working height always the same.

Our original leveling mechanism without motors or hydraulics requires little maintenance and works fine for many years.

With its unique function and robust design, Level Cart has been used in various industries over 45 years.

It perfectly fits for operations at assembly cell, small parts inspection line, kitchen and cafeteria.



The working height of the leveling table is always kept the same without using motors or hydraulics.


No need to bend down for placing or picking up materials at lower position. Level Cart frees operators from strenuous and repetitive bending down and lifting operations.


Level Cart is equipped with two fixed wheels in front and two swivel wheels with stoppers in rear side. Smooth wheels enable to move Level Cart anywhere and any point in your workplace.


No need to repeat standing up and down. The automatic leveling table supplies the works always at the same height so that operators can concentrate on their core and value-adding task.


Model LVC-04C5 LVC-07C3S LVC-20C3S
Load weight 15~40kg 35~75kg 70~200kg
Dimensions (mm) Level Cart dimension Level Cart dimension
Table size 570 x 445 mm
Wheel diameter 65mm 100mm
Wheel type 4 swivel wheels without stopper Front : 2 fixed wheels
Rear : 2 swivel wheels with stoppers
Tare Weight 21kg 37kg 45kg
Instruction Manual


Level Cart, USA
Tray supply and collection at airport security.
Level Cart, USA
Tray supply at cafeteria.


For purchase of Level Cart, please contact one of Daifuku offices or our distributor below.

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