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Shuttle Vehicle Miniload AS/RS "Shuttle Rack M"

Daifuku's multi shuttle system "Shuttle Rack M" is a fast, vehicle-type AS/RS designed to provide temporary storage, sorting and sequencing function. It is perfect for following needs.


Easy Maintenance

Faulty shuttles can be replaced with little disruption to the system. Other shuttles continue to operate while maintenance is being performed on one shuttle. By controlling the number of active shuttles, maintenance can be systematically performed on each shuttle without interrupting the handling process.

Energy Saving

The system has one shuttle vehicle installed on every level. Each shuttle travels at high speeds to quickly store and retrieve loads. By using lightweight vehicles to transport loads, the "Shuttle Rack M" consumes 60% less power per cycle than conventional crane systems.

System Configuration

Click here to view Shuttle Rack M configuration in 3D.
HP lifter
1. A lifter carries up/down loads from the input conveyor and transfers to the layer conveyor.
layer conveyor distributes loads to shuttle layers
2. The layer conveyor connects the lifter and shuttle vehicles.


Single-deep Shuttle

One shuttle with access to two rack rows (one on each side).

single deep Shuttle Rack
double deep Shuttle Rack

Double-deep Shuttle

One shuttle with access to four rack rows (two on each side).

single deep Shuttle Rack
double deep Shuttle Rack

Cold storage model

Shuttle Rack system covering down to -25 degree is ideal for buffering and sorting of frozen foods.

Shuttle Rack for cold temperature


Diverting conveyor

The accurate diverting of loads into the right shuttle aisle is the essential to a successful system consisting of multiple aisles. Daifuku offers the Shuttle Rack system with the best diverting solution meeting each customer's needs.

slide shoe conveyor, slat conveyor

Slide-shoe diverter "Magic Cross Conveyor"

Slide-shoe slat conveyor that handles up to 2400 cases per hour. Its right angle merging greatly reduces the system footprints.

Roller Diverter

The urethane rollers securely grip load bottom surfaces and drivert them quickly to Shuttle Rack lanes. Ideal for high throughput shuttle rack system consisting of multiple aisles.

Picking, Palletizing, Sorting

Goods-to-Person pick station "QPS"

Daifuku's GTP station "QPS" smoothly provides a inventory tote supplied from Shuttle Rack M and a pick-to tote together in front of a picking operator, eliminating the walking time and fatigue from him/her.

Palletizing robot

Shuttle Rack M receives cartons from mixed production lines and feeds to palletizing robots in group to make single-SKU pallets.

Put-to-Light Sorting System

Shuttle Rack buffers the batch-picked items in totes and supplies to the secondary assort by Put-to-Light system or sorters to put the final orders together.


Hitachi Logistics, shoes distribution center

Hitachi Logistics

3PL service provider took Shuttle Rack solution for improving efficiency of order preparation at the shoes distribution center.

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