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Rack-supported building AS/RS "Rackbuil"

rack-supported building
Rackbuil AS/RS system

The rack-supported building RACKBUIL is an AS/RS rack constructed as a building in accordance with construction codes, regulations and laws. It is space efficient and cost effective solution especially for mass-storage and high-rise Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS).

Since our first Rackbuil construction in 1966, Daifuku has continued to provide distribution centers and frozen warehouses with customized, mass-storage facilities.

The system includes rack, concrete foundation with anchors, roof, wall, thermal insulant, refractory covering, sprinkler and other fire-fighting equipment in addition to material handling equipment and IT system. (* configuration is subject to change by operating temperature and local regulations.)

Coca cola AS/RS
Rackbuil for a beverage manufacturer
constructed following Construction Code
Designed and built following Construction Code


dock shelter

Dock shelter

Dock shelters fill gaps between a rack-supported building and trucks for improved hygiene control and energy-savings. It is essentail for food and pharmaceutical systems.


Ante-room with auto-shutter

A room sectioned with automatic shutters between cold storage area and ambient area prevents outside warm air from entering.

rooftop solar panel

Rooftop solar panel

Wide and flat space of rack-supported building may be utilized for solar panel installation.
(subject to local regulations)

Case Study

Toyo Suisan cold AS/RS

Toyo Suisan

Cold storage distribution center with Rackbuil improved handling capacity while reducing energy consumption.

Yili Industrial

Daifuku's systems improved logistical efficiency and slashed lead time for Chinese dairy company.

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