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Unitload AS/RS, AS/RS system

Unitload Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Unitload AS/RS)

Automated warehouse system for pallets, mesh box pallets, roll box pallets and other heavy loads.

rack-supported building, clad-rack building

Rack-supported building AS/RS

Warehouse building constructed in conjunction with AS/RS pallet racking maximizes storage capacity and best fits for mass storage needs.

Mini-load AS/RS system

Miniload Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Miniload AS/RS)

Stacker crane type Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) for small totes, cases and trays.

shuttle system, shuttle storage system

Shuttle Storage & Sequencing system "Shuttle Rack M"

"Shuttle Rack M" offers sequencing and sorting function in addition to storage function of totes, cartons, trays and other small items.


Floor storage & sorting system "SPDR"

"SPDR" is floor storage system which provides buffering and sequencing functions of plastic containers.