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Takara Tomy Marketing

Increased operational efficiency

Tomy Company, Ltd (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) is world's leading toy company with a variety of hot-selling products including the "Tomica" line of toy cars, "Licca" dress-up doll collection, and the "Beyblades" modernized spinning tops.

Since Takara and Tomy merged in 2006, they have devoted time and resources to reviewing and re-organizing logistics systems while streamlining their business model. The Ichikawa logistics center (in Ichikawa, Japan) was built as the foundation for this movement.

Daifuku's solution


  1. 1.Logistics center crowded because of increased volume
  2. 2.Frequent shipping errors resulting from increased volume
  3. 3.Sorting throughput capacity insufficient for increased volume


  1. 1.New center has 1.5 times more area than previous center
  2. 2.Further automation reduced errors and increased productivity

The new Ichikawa logistics center has approximately 1.5 times more space than the previous center. Pallet racks and case racks are both used for storage. The new center also uses 2.5 kilometers of conveyors and piece sorting systems. The entire center is controlled by a warehouse control system (WMS), and has developed into a highly-efficient shipping system with an extremely productive distribution flow. Currently, 1500 orders are processed at the Ichikawa logistics center every day.

Maximum storage capacity of 17,000 pallets.
Piece sorting system with 300 chutes (150 x 2 lines) handles 350,000 pieces daily, sorting goods for each store.
Takara Tomy Marketing shipping area. Loads are sorted according to each company for shipment.

Customer's Voice

Atsushi Ino
Senior Manager, Corporate Development

"We are preparing so that we can respond to the increasing demands of the retail industry. While focusing on making high-quality products with low-cost operations, we will strive to optimize our supply chain management by assigning top priority to reliable supply to markets, all while pursuing a greater level of accuracy and efficiency in our services."