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Osaka Izumi Citizens' Co-op

Distribution center to handle large quantities of dry items for home delivery

The Osaka Izumi Co-Operative, established in 1974, supplies food and services (such as welfare and mutual aid) to co-op members in 25 cities and towns near Osaka, Japan.

In March 2003, Izumi Co-op opened their comprehensive "Tecno Stage Distribution Center" to handle frozen, cold, and dry items for home delivery in Izumi city. Over the past decade, the number of double-income households has increased, birth rate has declined, and society has aged. Due to a rise in concern for food safety, home delivery business has grown and supply has increased each year. Because of these factors, Izumi Co-op's business has increased by 150%, pushing the limits of the center's handling capacities.

Challenges for Izumi Co-op Distribution Center

The Ayumino Distribution Center was built to streamline logistics while improving product and service quality. The center is mostly automated, with a picking method to match product characteristics, and a heavy emphasis on maintaining a sanitary work environment. All distribution work for dry items has been transferred to Ayumino. The new center handles 240,000 orders for a total of 760,000 items per week.

Daifuku's solution

Pick-to-light with automatic drop-in table

Workers pick items and then place on the appropriate table prior to tote arrival. The table automatically drops picked items into the designated tote upon arrival. The tables use belts to gently lay picked items into boxes, performing the packing process automatically without risk of damage to goods.

Automatic replenishment

Cranes located behind gravity racks will automatically replenish picking boxes. The number of replenishment workers has been greatly reduced, and replenishment errors have been eliminated.

Mini-load AS/RS

Stores all items to be picked during the day. With automatic retrieval, distribution line work becomes obsolete.