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OKC Corporation

Accurate and quick supply system for multiple distributors

The OKC Corporation (headquartered in Saitama, Japan) was jointly established in November 2009 by two book distributors: Osakaya Co., Ltd. and Kurita Shuppan Hanbai Corporation. In February 2011, OKC built the Toda Distribution Center – their first distribution center for magazines, books, and comics – to handle both new publications and ordered items. Material handling equipment, including a pick-to-light Digital Pick System (DPS) with automatic replenishment function and mini load AS/RS, were installed to improve picking accuracy and work efficiency at the center.

Automated replenishment, picking, and inspection

The Toda Distribution Center is three stories tall, with a total floor area of 16,828 m2. Orders for new and regular titles are handled on the first and second floor respectively. The third floor has office space and a cafeteria.

On the first floor, where distribution operations are mainly performed, small-lot magazines are packed in totes and temporarily stored in the mini load AS/RS. Automated replenishment to the tote DPS for books, magazines, and comic magazines is performed by a stacker crane just in time for picking.

Large-lot magazines are stored in the Pallet DPS using a heavy-duty rack, and are replenished from upper to lower location windows via forklift. Workers pick goods from containers or pallets and place them in trays according to picking indicators. Picked items are transported by conveyor, packed, and then shipped after passing a weight check (detects picking errors according to load weight discrepancies).

Daifuku's solution

Daifuku material handling systems help OKC...

  1. 1.Improve operation efficiency
  2. 2.Increase operation speed
  3. 3.Reduce shipping errors

Reduced picking errors by 50%, increased operational efficiency by 250%

Prior to the creation of the Toda Distribution Center, Osakaya and Kurita Shuppan Hanbai had nine total distribution centers across Japan. Consolidating five of them into the Toda center greatly reduced operation costs and streamlined transport and delivery systems. With DPS picking, automated container replenishment, and automatic inspections, shipping errors have been reduced by 50% and operational efficiency has increased 250%. Additionally, shipping operations for new publications have been integrated with those of regular title orders. These improvements help OKC supply goods to bookstores quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Tote picking area equipped with Digital Pick System (Pick-to-light system). Two mini-load stacker cranes for replenishment work behind the gravity rack.  
Mini-load AS/RS, consisting of five stacker cranes and 9888 tote locations, buffers inventory for tote picking area.  
Pallet picking area for fast-moving items consisting of pallet racking and conveyor with pick-to-light indicators.

Customer's Voice

Takahiro Mori
Corporate Officer, General Manager

"Toda Distribution Center is a unique distribution base with joint logistics operations between two companies. We plan to expand the range of items handled besides books, making full use of the center's sorting functions. We are striving to gain additional value from our center by promoting distribution logistics reform."