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Logispo, Inc. (formerly known as Daiwa Logistics Service)

Sort small fishing gear quickly and accurately

surfing sorter mini

Globeride, Inc. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) handles sports and leisure related products such as Daiwa fishing goods, Onoff golf equipment, and prince® tennis products. In February 2014, Globeride's distribution subsidiary Logispo, Inc. (also headquartered in Tokyo) renovated the fishing tackle piece sorter at its central distribution center.

Changed from pan-type to slide shoe sorter to accommodate wider variety of products

Logispo's central distribution center consists of three buildings (A, B, and C) with a site area of 23,677 m2 and total floor area of 27,961 m2. Globeride's products are mainly shipped from three main locations, with this center serving as the core base of operations. A center in Shiga prefecture is dedicated to serving domestic markets, while the center in Okayama serves overseas markets. Approximately 25,000 different SKU are handled by the center in Tokyo, with fishing tackles accounting for the majority.

Previously, Logispo used pan-type sorters for handling reels, lures, and so on. Since the sorters were installed, the variation of small fishing goods has increased drastically. After 20 years of use, system failures were occurring more frequently. The old sorters tilted trays and dropped materials, occasionally failing to sort items appropriately according to shape or weight. In addition, the old system consumed a substantial amount of power, making it difficult to lower energy costs.

Daifuku's solution

To resolve these issues, a slide-shoe type "Surfing Sorter® Mini" (SFM) was installed in building A. Lifters and conveyors were also added to transport goods from building C. With this system, items are transferred after picking from building C to building A, where the SFM can begin processing them. This system resulted in the following benefits:

  1. 1. Enhanced sorting accuracy and speed
  2. 2. Reduced walking distance during picking
  3. 3. Reduced power consumption

The SFM gently sorts items to each chute using slide-shoes that move horizontally across the conveyor. This system allows quick, gentle handling of small goods without compromising accuracy. The SFM can even handle items as thin and light as stickers or delivery slips. The new system also reduced energy consumption by 40%.

container supply line
Example of input ports to lifters on the third and fourth floors. Lifter releases containers on the second floor, which are then transported by conveyors to the SFM.
sorter induction
SFM input ports (5 ports). Containers are tilted towards workers for easy item picking.
3D layout

Customer's Voice

Naoto Furukawa

"We are involved in some third-party logistics, with direct sales currently comprising 20% of our business. With the new SFM system as our core, we will reform this center's operations and increase our indirect sales."