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Kawataki Corporation

Highly efficient order preparation center for home deliveries

Kawataki layout

The Kawataki Corporation (headquartered in Kyoto, Japan) is a storied company with more than 100 years of business experience since its establishment in 1912. They are involved in the household commodities industry and logistics services for co-op's home delivery business.

The U Co-op Association is an organization consisting of four separate cooperatives serving Kanagawa, Shizuoka, and Yamanashi prefectures in Japan. The Sagami Distribution Center, which handles commodities and health foods for the U co-op association, was relocated to Prologis Park Zama 1 in July 2010. The new center reduced the average processing time per order to 1.3 seconds with newly-installed picking lines that enable efficient item collection according to order characteristics.

C-DPS : Pick-to-Light System with advance picking tables

The area for fast-moving items is equipped with Combination Digital Pick Systems (C-DPS) in which five totes are transported together as one picking group. Advance picking tables with picking indicators are installed above the tote conveying line.

When a picking group arrives at a picking zone, the worker follows the pick-to-light indicators and beings picking for the five totes. If the worker's next group has not yet arrived, he or she can begin picking for the next group using the advance picking tables which will drop items into the appropriate totes upon arrival.

Mini-load AS/RS

Mini-load AS/RS has 834 storage locations and supplies slow-moving items via conveyor to four picking stations.


Daifuku's warehouse management system that: assigns addresses, issues collection instructions, and manages collection work results.

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