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Einzelhandel und E-Commerce

Autobacs Seven

The renewal of a 30m-high automated warehouse strengthened resiliency of the supply chain and saves energy consumption.


Surfing Sorter in new distribution center improves displaying efficiency of retail stores by achieving sorted delivery by product categories.

ICA Sverige

One of Northern Europe’s largest distribution centers enables shipments of over 200 thousand cases per day to supermarkets in Sweden.

Takara Tomy Marketing

Reconstructing logistics operations with conveyor, sorter, rack and WMS after two companies merger.


Renovating aged sorter to the latest one while continuing operations in order to meet growing volume and destinations.


Two book distributor jointly established the new logistics site featuring mini-load AS/RS and Pick-to-light system to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency.

Osaka Izumi Citizens' Co-op

Distribution center for dry products went live in an attempt to meet the growing demand for home delivery service of food and sundry goods

Miyagi Coop

Daifuku picking solution, eye-navi, Jungle Cart and WMS together improved the picking operaiton efficiency by 50%.


The largest American department store improved productivity by 22% with Tugger AGV.

Kawataki Corporation

Picking system designed for order characteristics of home delivery service, multiple SKU with small quantity each, handles an order only in 1.3 second.